Welcome to The City of Bellewood Website

On behalf of the City of Bellewood, KY and the City Commissioners I would like to welcome you to our new website.  We hope you find the information valuable, timely and helpful as a resident or a prospective new neighbor.

Bellewood is a small 6th class city that has a wonderful neighborhood appeal with close proximity to all the commercial needs provided by the City of St. Mathews and Greater Louisville.  Nearby are churches, schools, parks and shopping areas yet within our city we have no commercial development and fully intend to keep it that way.  Traffic is slow due to our speed humps, children and pedestrians are plentiful and annual street picnics provide an opportunity to socialize with your neighbors.

The website is a work in development and as such it will continue to improve and meet the needs of the residents and prospective neighbors.  Please take a moment to send us your personal or preferred email address so that we can more fully take advantage of this means of communicating with you.

Kevin R. Orr

Mayor – Bellewood, KY


City of Bellewood
P.O. Box 8095
Louisville, Kentucky 40250-8095