Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find answers to many commonly asked questions about The City of Bellewood.

Who do I contact about down or damaged signs?

Please email us at

What is Rumpke’s contact info for trash collection information?  Enter zip code and info will be available

When are the annual property taxes due?

Taxes are due by 3/31, but if paid by 2/28 the tax bill is subject to a 40% discount.  All tax bills unpaid by April 1 are considered delinquent and subject to a penalty of 10% plus interest at the rate of 1.5% per month which shall by payable and due upon the face amount of each delinquent bill.

How are our property taxes used by the city?

Property taxes are used for garbage, yard waste and recycling services, as well as, street lighting, signage, snow removal, sidewalk repairs and paving.  Residents are allowed $150 towards tree replacement and $300 for an annual neighborhood street party.  Property taxes are also used for mayor and commissioners’ compensation, all city legal fees and all fees involved in maintaining a city.

I want to change my landscaping.  Where do I go to get information and guidelines?

The city accepts landscape elements that are safe, sanitary and in acceptable condition.  The City of Bellewood will pay up to $150 towards the purchase and planting of a wide range of hardwood trees planted within 15 feet of the street but not closer than 10 feet of the street or driveway.  The city clerk or Mayor should be contacted for approval.  If landscaping changes require a dumpster it is unlawful to place a dumpster within 25 feet of the street for more than 30 days without the written approval of the city clerk.

What does the city do to prepare our streets for a snowfall and afterward?

Does the depth of the snow have to be a certain amount before plowing occurs?  The City of Bellewood has a contract with a snow removal company for a snowplow to remove snow after it has fallen.

How many resident homes are in the City of Bellewood?

There are 135 resident homes in the city.

Contact Bellewood

City of Bellewood  |  P.O. Box 8095  |  Louisville, Kentucky 40250-8095