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On behalf of the City of Bellewood, KY and the City Commissioners I would like to welcome you to our new website.  We hope you find the information valuable, timely and helpful as a resident or a prospective new neighbor.

Bellewood is a small 6th class city that has a wonderful neighborhood appeal with close proximity to all the commercial needs provided by the City of St. Mathews and Greater Louisville.  Nearby are churches, schools, parks and shopping areas yet within our city we have no commercial development and fully intend to keep it that way.  Traffic is slow due to our speed humps, children and pedestrians are plentiful and annual street picnics provide an opportunity to socialize with your neighbors.

The website is a work in development and as such it will continue to improve and meet the needs of the residents and prospective neighbors.  Please take a moment to send us your personal or preferred email address so that we can more fully take advantage of this means of communicating with you.

Kevin R. Orr

Mayor – Bellewood, KY

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    Enter your email address in the box below and click GO to keep up to date with the latest news from the City of Jeffersonville

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    Latest Naija News
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    Nairaland Discussion board / Nairaland / Common / Politics / Ben Ayade:
    ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ (47183 Views) Ben Ayade’s Appointees Stay In Dilapidated Situations (Pics) / They are saying I Appear to be Ben Ayade, Cross River Governor – Man Says (Images) /
    Gov Ben Ayade Hails The primary Indigenous Monorail Driver In Cross
    River. Images (1) (2) (three) (four)
    (zero) (1) (2) (three) (four) (5) (Reply) (Go Down)Re:
    Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by xamster(m):
    9:35am On Dec 02, 2016Wtf with nigerians and virginity. Does being a virgin ensures a greater partner?
    Come on we have to develop outta this caveman psych and deal with the Cogent attitudes.

    Want me remind you, i by no means justified a promiscuous and wayward life.
    Yea after all, your virginity will go a approach to
    earn my respect however my summit is that you just we should always cease headlining it.

    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by
    TroubleMaker47(m):9:35am On Dec 02, 2016Oloshos could be like..

    It isn’t about being virgin, she is a liar, who virgin epp?

    However dat’s none of my enterprise
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by fkdmods:
    9:36am On Dec 02, 2016EastGold:
    I been dey assume sey this man get sense

    He does. The Nigerian type of sense. Nigerians do not suppose
    or speak like Regular folks.
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’
    by stinflame:9:37am On Dec 02, 2016ask him at what age he
    married her…folks of outdated marry earlier than folks of right this
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by moshino(m):9:38am On Dec 02,
    Very good.

    Harlots are virgins too.
    2 LikesRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by Adesiji77:
    9:40am On Dec 02, 2016HungerBAD:
    Very good.

    Four LikesRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by AnonyNymous(m):9:41am On Dec 02, 2016LesbianBoy:
    Ought to we fry egg to your spouse as a result of she was a virgin while
    you married her?

    Smh, Nigerian leaders ought to study to maintain quiet on some points.
    They simply discuss like barbarians.

    What are we to do since she is a virgin. That a lady is a virgin would not make her
    have an excellent character neither does it make
    her a very good spouse.

    I keep questioning why our leaders behave like uneducated individuals.
    What’s the enterprise of your spouse’s virginity misplaced with the media present?
    So that you count on a trophy after this ineffective broadcast.
    Let’s look ahead to headies award for virgin wives, you can be nominated
    this yr. Thanks for the data.

    He was solely giving recommendation at an HIV/AIDS convention about abstinence.
    Blame the bloggers for sensational headlining.

    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by andyanders:9:41am On Dec 02,

    is okay mr hungryman, we shall see on ur marriage ceremony night time, a pieace of
    white cloth shall do the experiment and the following morning u must current it to the elders
    of the group for accessment

    What if she gave it to him throughout her menstruation? Would not the
    man assume that the lady is a virgin?

    I nonetheless imagine the governor fvcked his spouse throughout her menstruation therefore he could not differentiate between a virgin and
    non virgin.
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by DoTheNeedful:9:
    44am On Dec 02, 2016pocohantas:

    No,he struck no cord, however you’ll agree with me that if the lady is maintaining herself and the man is philandering.
    He may nonetheless get contaminated and convey it ‘residence’.

    Yeah…i agree.
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by Comtee(f):9:45am On Dec 02, 2016HungerBAD:

    Very good.
    Oshiomhole boasted one time he met his spouse a Virgin.
    This Governor too met his spouse a Virgin.
    My spouse Ishilove is a Virgin too.
    And what about you guys writing under?una spouse/girlfriend no be Virgin?
    Each Lady Is A Virgin
    1 LikeRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by Ishilove:9:45am On Dec 02, 2016Tallesty1:
    I doubt if Ishi can nonetheless remember the man that took it.

    I am a virgin. Critically, I’m.
    1 LikeRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by Vick4rill(m):9:46am
    On Dec 02, 2016drnoel:

    Virginity or is it Virginia is overrated. This rubbish should actually be
    a Nigerian factor. Someonr ask this governor
    who cares? Abi in nefa scatter d factor by nau? Abeg make we hear phrase.
    if that is what civilization has flip you to, then i need to proclain that’s progressively taking
    ur senses away. even for those who an atheist what happends to your ethical concience?
    why are u sounding prefer it h a criminal offense and a really disgusting
    factor to be a virgin. will or not it’s a criminal offense in case you marry a girl that has each the virginity and good conduct?

    Three LikesRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by shineoflife:
    9:46am On Dec 02, 2016Me tooooooo
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by davtosh:9:
    49am On Dec 02, 2016HungerBAD:
    Very good.

    Oshiomhole boasted one time he met his spouse a Virgin.

    This Governor too met his spouse a Virgin.

    My spouse Ishilove is a Virgin too.

    And what about you guys writing under?una spouse/girlfriend no be Virgin?


    Did u simply name Ishilove you spouse? Simply think about.
    Somebody I’ve simply concluded to start out wooing right now.
    I do know say Na yoke.
    Na yoke you dey yoke o.
    2 LikesRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by Kingsolex1(m):
    9:52am On Dec 02, 2016HungerBAD:
    Very good.
    Oshiomhole boasted one time he met his spouse a Virgin.
    This Governor too met his spouse a Virgin.
    My spouse Ishilove is a Virgin too.
    And what about you guys writing under?una spouse/girlfriend no
    be Virgin?
    man my grandfather and grandma are nonetheless virgins
    until now.
    2 LikesRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by Vick4rill(m):9:
    53am On Dec 02, 2016xamster:
    Wtf with nigerians and virginity. Does being a virgin ensures a greater partner?
    Come on we have to develop outta this caveman psych and concentrate on the
    Cogent attitudes.
    Want me remind you, i by no means justified a promiscuous
    and wayward life. Yea in fact, your virginity will go a method to earn my
    respect however my summit is that you just we should always
    cease headlining it.
    have a look at how we you’re contradicting your self..?
    we should always cease heading one thing you regards nearly as good
    and can possible earn your respect. however
    it’s okay to head nude celebrities images and their
    promisious actions?
    1 LikeRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by drnoel:9:53am On Dec 02, 2016Vick4rill:
    if that is what civilization has flip you to, then i need to proclain that’s step
    by step taking ur senses away. even when you an atheist what happends to your ethical concience?
    why are u sounding prefer it h against the law and a really disgusting factor to
    be a virgin. will it’s a criminal offense for those who marry
    a lady that has each the virginity and good conduct?

    Will or not it’s against the law if u do not @ highlighted.
    Its disgusting, annoying and irritating to see or
    hear males speak so about virginity. It has nothing to do with being an atheist
    or being civilized. Do not get me flawed, I do not propagate promiscuity and I’m nonetheless
    very conventional in my pondering. However many males havr being mislead by this truth pondering if a lady is a vrigin then her character is sweet, which is simply plain rubbish.

    1 Like 1 ShareRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by davtosh:10:
    01am On Dec 02, 2016Someone stated being a virgin is just not a giant deal.
    however it’s a really massive deal. It takes a really self-discipline lady
    to be ready to maintain virginity until marriage.

    However for those who ask me to decide on between a
    nagging bother some virgin and a pleasing respectful non virgin lady,
    I’d gladly go for the later.

    What’s the significance of virginity that comes with hassle in a marriage.

    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by DLondonboiy:
    10:04am On Dec 02, 2016Ishilove:
    I am a virgin. Significantly, I’m.
    ought to I speak?
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by Nma27(f):
    10:04am On Dec 02, 2016Yea Proper. All of the Non- Virgins ought to commit suicide na…
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by LoveJesus87(m):10:09am On Dec
    02, 2016Peroti:
    Image of U breaking her virginity then or addonbelivit

    Thanks jare my brother
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by c4tnoelz(f):10:
    09am On Dec 02, 2016My husband too marry me as virgin
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by LockDown69(m):
    10:11am On Dec 02, 2016Thought this was presupposed to be a private concern, why convey
    it to the general public
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by horciglowri(f):
    10:13am On Dec 02, 2016:oU af be a part of gang

    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by horciglowri(f):
    10:13am On Dec 02, 2016 U af be part of gang

    Congrats sir!! Me i dont kukuma like virgins, expertise is essential!

    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by xamster(m):10:16am On Dec
    02, 2016Vick4rill:
    take a look at how we you’re contradicting your self..?
    we must always cease heading one thing you regards
    nearly as good and can possible earn your respect.
    however it’s okay to head nude celebrities pictures and their promisious actions?

    you bought comprehension points. At first i do not banter
    phrases with individuals right here. If u learn my publish very properly you
    will see the place i point out adorning ladies
    who’re ready to maintain it tight. I perceive it ain’t simple,
    however my middle of reasoning is that, that phrase is overhyped down right here.
    And who says a lady who shouldn’t be a virgin cannot make a great
    spouse. Furthermore what’s my biz with movie star, nudes and the opposite
    sh!t u talked about.
    I used to be solely driving my level right here, the house is
    open to your supply too.
    Have a pleasant day fella.
    1 Like 1 ShareRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by buffalowings:10:18am On Dec 02, 2016Peroti:
    Image of U breaking her virginity then or addonbelivit


    I need intercourse tapes
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by bonechamberlain(m):
    10:20am On Dec 02, 2016flyca:

    Sharrap! It makes her nyamanyama free. And noble!
    Did not you learn it that he was speaking to younger folks in an HIV lecture?
    Was he speaking in a Political discussion board.

    Is not respect for the sanctity of marriage half of fine character and being an excellent spouse?

    Abeg respect good issues in life and cease hating!
    I can see u are uncivilized.

    U guys do not know that after u are a pacesetter, u keep quiet on some points.
    Should we all know his spouse was a virgin earlier than he passes his
    He was speaking to younger folks in an HIV lecture, so being a virgin prevents u from contacting
    Pls use ur mind
    1 Like 1 ShareRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by bonechamberlain(m):
    10:24am On Dec 02, 2016tomdon:

    Guarantee your good character spouse is just not a virgn.
    No one compelled you.
    They keep disparaging ladies who keep themselves as if it is a nasty factor.

    nobody is disparaging ladies who keep themselves. It is not a standards
    for having a fulfilled marriage. And Ben ayade as a governor ought to study to maintain quiet on some points, that he’s talking at an HIV discussion board does not
    imply a virgin cannot contact HIV.

    With what u simply acknowledged being a virgin makes u a person or a spouse with a very good
    1 Like 1 ShareRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by soberdrunk(m):10:25am On Dec
    02, 2016horciglowri:
    U af be part of gang

    Am the gang chief…..
    Re: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by bonechamberlain(m):10:27am
    On Dec 02, 2016Vick4rill:
    man cease this nonsense, this are the kind of remark that
    encourages premarital intercourse. is it against
    the law if a lady decides to have each the virginity and a very good conduct?

    it is not against the law, however what’s our enterprise together with his spouse being a virgin, easy youth ought to abstain from premarital intercourse, what a governor must be telling folks in an HIV discussion board is abstinence and
    dwelling well being not about how his spouse is a virgin. His spouse being
    a virgin doesn’t cease her from contacting the virus.
    1 Like 1 ShareRe: Ben Ayade: ‘I Married My Spouse A Virgin’ by lipstick2:
    10:28am On Dec 02, 2016See the native babe.Even with all the cash,she continues to be timid.Worse dressed first lady in Nigeria.

    Who Virgin epp?.

    (Zero) (1) (2) (three) (four) (5) (Reply)
    Zahra Buhari & Ahmed Indimi On Honeymoon in Saudi Arabia / President Jonathan Visits Theophilus Danjuma
    [photographs] / Pictures: Man Strolling From Lagos To Abuja In Honor Of Buhari(Go Up)
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    jobs (1) profession schooling (1) romance computer systems telephones journey sports activities trend well being
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    © 2005 – 2017 Oluwaseun Osewa. All rights reserved.
    See Learn how to Promote.

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    Nigeria News Now
    04/07/2017 at 4:50 pm Permalink

    Because the Coaster bus tried to meander by means of the surging crowd and the sea of human heads,
    chanting “Sai Baba”, Mr. Muhammadu Buhari tapped his working
    mate, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, by the shoulder,
    pointed within the course of the vehicle’s window and requested: “Look at that man; what are you able to see from his face?”

    Osinbajo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, who was then apparently simply adjusting to life as a politician,
    replied: “I can see actual pleasure on his face. Like many others right here, the man is clearly very completely satisfied to see us.”

    Evidently not happy with the response he acquired, Buhari requested Osinbajo to look on the man once more.
    When the previous Lawyer Basic of Lagos State returned the identical reply, Buhari
    determined to lecture him: “That man you might be taking a look at believes that if we win this coming election, all his issues shall be solved inside 24 hours after we take over.”

    The import of that scene and the ensuing dialogue in Gusau, Zamfara State on January 21
    this yr, as captured by Osinbajo at the primary Abuja version of
    ‘The Platform’ on Might Day, is that Buhari is properly conscious
    of the burden of expectations that he carries as he turns into president of Nigeria tomorrow.
    But he has no magic wand with which to revalue a Naira of our nationwide foreign money to approximate to an American Dollar “with speedy effect”.
    He can not snap his fingers to conjure electricity to energy
    our properties. Gasoline queues won’t disappear from our petrol stations as a result of Buhari has simply been swept into workplace with the promise of ‘change’.

    And Abubakar Shekau’s military of Boko Haram killers
    are usually not prone to surrender to the authorities after Buhari assumes workplace tomorrow.

    In his article on democratic transitions, Dankwart Rustow attracts a distinction between theories that search to elucidate
    the genesis of democracy and theories that deal
    with democratic stability and our scenario right this moment approximates
    extra to the latter. But, in accordance with Rustow, the
    flexibility to construct consensus by discovering frequent grounds within the wake of a
    regime change is determined by the capability of the chief who should
    have a protracted-vary imaginative and prescient of what he needs
    to attain. That, I think about, is the place the expectations from Buhari derive as a
    result of he involves the primary job extra ready than any of
    his civilian predecessors in workplace.

    Buhari is the primary Nigerian civilian to personally search to be president and pursued his dream (even after
    three defeats) till he realised it. All his civilian predecessors turned president or prime minister both by accident or by
    the benevolence of another do-gooders. This is a matter I’ve written about earlier than however on a day akin to this, you will
    need to remind us of what Buhari’s victory really represents.

    At Nigeria’s independence in 1960, Sir Ahmadu Bello ought to have
    been the Prime Minister as chief of the Northern Peoples Congress (NPC) which received majority
    of the seats on the parliamentary elections. However for private causes, the late Sardauna of Sokoto ceded the workplace
    to Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa who turned Prime Minister as a

    In the course of the Second Republic in 1979, Alhaji Shehu Shagari was
    searching for to go to the Senate on the platform of the Nationwide
    Get together of Nigeria (NPN) which had heavyweights like Maitama Sule, Adamu Ciroma, Shettima Ali Monguno and
    the late Abubakar Olusola Saraki jostling for the presidential ticket.
    At the top, Shagari grew to become our president.
    In August 1993, Chief Ernest Shonekan was appointed by Basic Ibrahim Babangida to head his contraption known as Interim Nationwide Authorities after the June 12 presidential election annulment fiasco.

    In 1998, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo was in prison praying for God to ship him from
    the clutches of Basic Sani Abacha when destiny performed a quick one on his
    jailer. With Abacha lifeless, Obasanjo was launched from prison and provided the presidency of Nigeria to which he famously retorted,
    ‘how many presidents do you wish to make of me?’
    As it could occur, after spending two-phrases in workplace, Obasanjo started to play Oliver Twist, by asking for extra years.
    However by the point his third-time period ambition collapsed in 2006 with no room left to manoeuvre, not
    solely did Obasanjo handpick the late Umaru Musa Yar’Adua as
    successor, his want ultimately grew to become Nigeria’s command.
    And at last, by the misfortunes of others, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan’s legendary good luck catapulted him
    from deputy governor to governor to vice president till he grew to
    become the Commander-in-Chief.

    What the foregoing says most eloquently is that in Buhari, Nigeria
    could have its first civilian chief who consciously sought the presidency which presupposes that he will
    need to have an thought of what he would do in workplace.

    Buhari additionally defeated the incumbent president, the primary of
    such to occur in Nigeria.However all these, what is maybe Buhari’s
    greatest promoting level in the present day is that
    he involves workplace with what’s normally described as “Referent Power”.
    He is mostly trusted as a man who wouldn’t fiddle with
    the treasury in a society the place integrity in the general public area may
    be very a lot briefly provide. However main by instance doesn’t make Buhari an ideal man, and that’s what
    worries me about the best way a few of his supporters are
    occurring as if now we have simply elected a prophet.

    Buhari will do that. Buhari will do this. These
    are the tales we’ve got been listening to from a while-servers who could not even know the man however are
    already positioning themselves via the media
    within the bid to hijack him and our collective future. But,
    the fact of our nationwide situation at present is that Buhari can do virtually nothing with out searching for the persistence and
    understanding of Nigerians. And for that to occur,
    Buhari have to be seen to be human. Meaning having the courage to admit to errors and failings (the place they happen) alongside
    the best way and being daring sufficient to make course corrections.

    For certain, there are numerous weeks, months and hopefully years forward to put in writing about Buhari who will, from tomorrow, be on the “line of fire” for no
    matter destiny befalls our nation. However as I want him effectively, I would like to finish
    my piece with a easy story in regards to the true essence of management
    by instance which requires monumental sacrifices.

    It’s a lesson that can serve Buhari who ought to
    be smart sufficient to dispense with the cult of character being constructed round him if he doesn’t wish to fail.

    Involved that her son was addicted to consuming loads of sugar, a mom sought appointment to see the legendary Indian chief, Mahatma Gandhi.
    When she lastly did, together with her son in tow, she stated: “The entire nation listens to you, please inform my son to cease consuming sugar, as it’s not good for his health”.
    Ghandi replied, “I can’t inform him that. However you could convey him again in a number of weeks after which I’ll discuss to him.”

    Upset and upset, the mom took the boy house.Two weeks later, she got here again. This time Gandhi appeared straight on the
    boy and stated “Son, you need to cease consuming sugar. It’s not good on your well being.” The boy nodded his head and made a solemn dedication to heed the admonition. Puzzled, the boy’s mom requested Ghandi, “Why did you ship us away two weeks in the past when you possibly can have merely informed the boy what you simply did?”

    Gandhi smiled and mentioned: “Two weeks in the past, I used to be consuming a variety of sugar myself.”

    Might God grant Buhari success as he assumes the mantle of management tomorrow because the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

    Thanks, President Jonathan
    In a bit titled “Goodluck to the President”, printed on this web
    page on thirty first Could 2012 at a interval Dr.
    Jonathan was marking his first 12 months in workplace as
    elected president, I reminded him of what I advised his handlers in Could 2010.
    My thesis was that courting public adulation, as they had
    been doing on the time, might in the end show to be counter-productive.
    To drive dwelling my level, I used a fictional account of the occasions which adopted the demise in 1997 of Princess Diana as
    depicted in ‘The Queen’, a a number of award successful 2006 British movie
    starring Helen Mirren.

    Whereas Queen Elizabeth IIsaw Diana’s loss of life as a non-public household affair, then newly elected Prime Minister Tony Blair exploited the state of affairs by reflecting the
    general public want for an official expression of grief.

    This immediately earned Blair public acclamation whereas
    the Queen turned so unpopular that many had been even calling for the abrogation of the monarchy.

    The instructive dialogue from the encounter (as depicted within the movie) which may additionally serve Buhari who assumes
    workplace tomorrow as President of Nigeria goes thus:

    Queen Elizabeth II: You don’t suppose that the affection folks as soon as had for
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    Tony Blair: No, not in any respect. You’re extra revered
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    Queen Elizabeth II: I collect a few of your closest advisers have been much
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    Tony Blair: One or two however as a pacesetter, I might by no means have added my voice to that chorus.

    Queen Elizabeth II: Since you noticed all these
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    Tony Blair: Oh… er…

    Queen Elizabeth II (cuts in): …and it’s going to, Mr. Blair;
    fairly out of the blue and with out warning…

    Right now, to place it mildly, Blair is just not a extremely popular man in Britain. Equally, I’m positive President Jonathan can’t declare to be pleased with the
    way in which he’s being perceived right this moment, 24 hours earlier than he leaves workplace, in opposition to the
    background that when he took over energy in Could 2010, he may do no mistaken. By the way,
    lots of his honest-weather supporters who have been hailing him yesterday have moved on as he himself admitted two weeks in the past.

    However, I imagine President Jonathan has within the final
    5 years tried his greatest for our nation, and contemplating the way through which he conceded defeat after the election, he can go away workplace with some pleasure.
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    the tone for a number of different defeated candidates on the elections.
    And with that, he has left a democratic legacy for which he
    will without end be remembered.

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